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The following rules apply to use of the KD Range:
  1. Always use the sign on the KD range road to indicate which part of the range is in use. Return the sign to the up position when done shooting.
  2. Shooting is on a “first come – first served” basis. If someone is using the KD range when you arrive you may join them at the firing yard that is being used. Otherwise, you must wait until they are finished before beginning firing.
  3. Targets and other material is stored in the pit house. One side is for general membership use and can be accessed using the range combination. The other side is used to store targets and materials used for matches and is secured.
  4. Always return the foam targets to the pit house when finished and return the target carrier to the up position.
  5. Firing is from the provided firing lines only. You must know your point of impact prior to shooting at 200 yards or beyond. This is a safety issue.
  6. Only persons that have attended a separate orientation are certified to use the 600 yard firing line. Again, this is a safety issue.
  7. Hand guns and shot guns are not to be fired from any yardage on the KD range.
Please remember that there are neighbors that are very close to the impact area. We operate under a conditional use permit issued by Elk River. Any bullet that leaves the property may result in this permit being revoked and the ENTIRE range being closed to ALL shooting.

(rev 1/15/07)


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