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Thank you for your interest in joining the Elk River Sportsman's Club. The Elk River Sportsman's Club is a private club with limited openings for members each year. Membership in the Elk River Sportsman's Club requires sponsorship by an existing member. The sponsoring member must be a member in good standing, and must have completed their 8 hour work credit for the year.

The cost of membership the first year is $150.00 Initiation Fee and $250.00 Membership Dues plus tax for a total of $431.50. The dues are to be paid at the New Member Orientation in February when new members are accepted into the Club. After the first year, the Membership Dues are $250.00 (Without 8 hours of Work Credit ) and $100.00 (With 8 hours of Work Credit). Sales tax is added to the dues so the amounts are $269.69 or $119.69.

All members are required to work two Range Attendant shifts each year. The Range Attendant shifts do not count as work credit to reduce member dues. ERSC has two members on duty at all times when the club is open to man the clubhouse and patrol the ranges. Members may choose the dates they wish to work their Range Attendant shifts and sign up for them online. If two Range Attendant shifts are not worked in a calendar year the member is not allowed to renew. Please be sure you are able to work two Range Attendant shifts before you apply for membership. Your sponsor can explain the process to you beforehand if you have questions.

New Members are also required to perform 8 hours of Work Credit for the Club the first year they are members. This ensures that their dues for the second year of membership will be at the $100.00 renewal rate (plus sales tax). It also allows the new members to get involved in the club activities, maintenance and meet other members. A Work Credit will also allow the new member to sponsor a member into the club. For a first year member the 8 hours work credit is a requirement in order to renew for the second year of membership.

New members must submit a copy of either a current "Permit to Purchase" or current "Permit to Carry". This does NOT mean a member must own, nor use a handgun. ERSC also requires all new members to be NRA members. A copy of your NRA membership card or NRA magazine mailing label showing the expiration date of your NRA membership is required. If you are a Life Member or above of the NRA a copy of your card or mailing label showing your status is still required. Keep in mind you must keep your NRA membership current as all members must submit proof of current NRA when renewing each year.
For more info, you may download the current new member cover letter that explains the application process.

The bylaws of the club specify a maximum number of members. Each year, following membership renewal, a limited number of memberships may become available. It is possible that even if you are sponsored, and an ideal candidate for membership, you may not be able to join due to the maximum limit. New member candidates are chosen based on several criteria, the most important consideration is how active/involved the sponsor is in the club.
If you know of a member who will sponsor you, then click here for a current membership application or have your sponsor pick up a New Membership Application at the Club House. New Membership Applications will not be accepted by the Membership Secretary prior to November 1st of the preceding year.

How do I find a Sponsor to join ERSC if I don't know anyone that belongs to the Club's or to join ERSC if I don't know anyone that belongs to the Club?

Check out the club calendar online and come to club events. The Club has many different events that are open to the public to shoot and attend. We offer Pistol, Archery, Rifle, Trap and Skeet Leagues at different times of the year. There are also special events as NRA matches or clinics that are open to the public. You are welcome to attend as a participant or spectator. For Leagues, there are non-member fee rates if you participate. Matches or clinics would have rates for non-members also. This is an excellent way to get to know members of the club while shooting with them and find a member to sponsor you.

Ask around your shooting friends, family, coworkers, church etc. You would be amazed once you start asking who you might find either is a member of ERSC, or knows someone who is. That is how many find a sponsor.

The key point here is to be proactive. We begin taking new member applications on November 1st each year until December 31st. Don't wait until the middle of December to try and find a sponsor. We are looking for active, participating and involved members for our club. The sponsor should be a member that either knows you or has spent some time shooting with you at the club, or has gotten to know you through the club.

It may take several times for you as an applicant to reach out and make the effort to locate a sponsor, but the time and effort is worth it to become to member.

Membership openings each year are based on how many members do not renew, so the new member openings varies from year to year. The New Member Committee chooses the new members from the submitted applications and the Board reviews and approves new members. So submitting a complete application is critical. Plan ahead and allow time for your Permit to Purchase or Permit to Carry to be processed. The same if you need to join the NRA or renew your NRA membership. It can take 6-8 weeks for your NRA membership card to be sent to you. If your NRA membership has expired you can renew online on the NRA website and should be able to print out your NRA card online from the member options listed on the website. Copies of the actual Permit and NRA membership card (with expiration date) or mailing label from your NRA magazine are required. Even if you know you NRA membership number, a copy of the actual card or mailing label needs to be submitted with your membership application. Please note-NRA cards that say Annual Member are not proof of current NRA membership. Don't forget to include the return business self addressed stamped envelope-that is needed to send out an acceptance (or reject) letter to new members.


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