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ERSC 2022 Renewal (updated for 2022 renewals)

The sooner you renew- the sooner you get the new 2022 Gate Code. This allows you to access the 2022 RA calendar before those who wait to renew at the last minute. Pick your RA dates early and get the dates you want.

Be sure to include a STAMPED self addressed envelope with your renewal. The envelope is for sending your 2022 membership card to you. Renewals without a return self addressed stamped envelope will not be mailed. Members will have to pick up their 2022 membership cards at the monthly club meetings. Those members will be the LAST to know the 2022 gate code for signing up for RA shifts. We will no longer mail out membership cards if no self addressed stamped envelope is included with your renewal.

Be sure to include a copy of your NRA Membership card. ERSC Members who joined in 2010 and after MUST include a copy of their NRA membership card each year with their renewal - NO NRA CARD COPY-NO RENEWAL. Your NRA membership must be current and show the expiration date on your card unless your NRA membership is LIFE or above. 

Work Credit Verification Since you now need to show your ERSC Membership card and ID when signing in at the Clubhouse, please send a COPY of your 2021 Membership card front and back with your renewal if you have work credit hours. I try to process renewals ASAP, but if you want to go to the club, you will need your actual Membership card.

Waiver Form Be sure to fill out and sign BOTH the 2022 Liability Waiver form and CoVid 19 Waiver and return both the waiver forms with your renewal.

If you are not renewing your ERSC Membership. Please drop off your white gate card at the Club, or mail it to Dennis VanBuren the Membership Secretary. We can reissue the card to new members. Please let Dennis VanBuren know you are not renewing also.

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