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1. Shoot at the target directly in front of your bench.

2. Targets should be placed in the center of the target frame (NRA-
recommended height) for safety.

3. Paper targets only. No firing at objects on the ground. No balloons, cans, plastic, glass, or other materials.

4. Eye and ear protection are recommended.

5. Firearms are to remain unloaded, with the action open and a chamber flag inserted, until you are ready to fire.

6. You may shoot from the bench, or from standing, kneeling or sitting positions. No prone shooting, NO shooting from in front of the benches/firing line. 

7. Target changes: Remain behind the firing line until all shooting has stopped. Turn on the warning lights and be certain all firearms are unloaded and flagged before going downrange. Chamber flags are available from dispensers on the line or in the building adjacent to the range.
Step away from the benches while people are downrange, and do not handle any firearms. Be sure that everyone has returned to the firing line before turning off the warning lights and loading any firearms.

8. The 100-yard range is primarily for rifles, shotguns with slugs, black powder firearms and hunting-caliber centerfire pistols may be fired on this range.  Also Suppressed 50 BMG's are allowed at designated benches only.

9. Rimfire rifles are permitted on the 100-yard range.

10. No fully automatic firearms may be fired in full-auto mode on this or any other range.

11. It is recommended that you sight in at the 50 range first, then move to this range so you can be reasonably sure you are able to hit paper at this distance.
Note: ALL league nights are open for non-members to participate. 
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